EP Terms and Conditions

  1. A quote is effective for 30 days from its date, after which it is no longer of any force or effect and is not
    capable of acceptance.
  2. EP reserves the right to withdraw or modify a quote or order at any time by written notice prior to the
    Customer approving Goods for manufacture.
  3. Quoted prices are FOB EP’s premises in Port Coquitlam, B.C.
  4. An order is subject to credit approval unless Customer has a current and up-to-date credit account with EP.
  5. EP may require a deposit on special-order Goods.
  6. Goods in stock are subject to prior sale until an order is accepted and confirmed for pick-up.
  7. Upon the Customer approving Goods for manufacture, their sale becomes final and binding.
  8. Goods must be picked up not later than 14 days after EP notifies the Customer that they are available for
    pick-up at its Port Coquitlam premises.
  9. Customer is responsible for arranging and paying for transportation of the Goods to site, unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Delivery times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Delivery will be deemed to occur when the
    Goods have left EP’s possession and placed in the possession of the Customer or its agent or carrier.
  11. Invoices are due and payable in full 30 days following the later of the invoice date and the date of delivery of the Goods. Invoices will be delivered electronically unless otherwise agreed.
  12. Overdue accounts will bear interest at 2% per month compounded (26.82% per annum) from the due date of the invoice, before as well as after judgment.
  13. Unless otherwise directed by the Customer, payments received will be applied to the oldest outstanding
    balance on the account.
  14. Unless the Customer notifies EP to the contrary within 15 days following the invoice date, the invoice will be deemed to be accurate.
  15. Credit card payments are accepted without transaction fee for orders having a value less than $5,000;
    otherwise, a 3% fee will be charged.
  16. Return of Goods other than special-order is at the discretion of EP. A request to return Goods must be made in writing within 14 days of delivery. Any product accepted for return must be delivered to EP in original and unused condition accompanied by the original invoice and in original packaging. A minimum 25% restocking fee will apply to all returns.
  17. Customer shall report any damage to or defects in the Goods within 5 days of delivery, failing which the
    Goods shall be deemed to have been received by the Customer in good condition.
  18. Customer agrees to indemnify EP for all losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and expenses on a solicitor and own client (full indemnity) basis, incurred in connection with the collection of overdue balances on the Customer’s account.
  19. Title to Goods shall remain with EP until paid in full, but the Customer agrees that the Goods shall be and remain at its risk on and after delivery.
  20. Customer grants to EP a security interest in the Goods and in all present and after-acquired property as
    security for the performance of all obligations hereunder, and waives its right to receive any financing or
    verification statement related to the registration of the said security interest.
  21. EP reserves the right to withhold, cancel or modify credit privileges and terms, including the rate of interest on overdue accounts, at its discretion, upon seven days’ notice to the Customer.
  22. Customer authorizes EP to obtain such credit or consumer reports, records or other information relating to Customer as EP may reasonably require in relation to any proposed or existing credit account with
    Customer and to collect, use and disclose Customer’s personal information for that purpose.
  23. Unless otherwise expressly agreed by EP in writing, the terms herein shall take precedence over the terms contained in any purchase order or other contract document delivered by the Customer.
  24. EP is not responsible for delays due to strike, lockout, fire, accident, transportation delay, riot, war or any other cause beyond its reasonable control. EP’s liability in respect of any sale shall be limited to the cost of the Goods. Customer agrees to rely upon the manufacturer’s warranty in respect of defects in the Goods.