Low Pressure Collection

Engineered Pump continues to be a leading supplier of low pressure sewer collection system. Low pressure sewer collection is the collection and conveyance of a number of relatively small sanitary connections along a pressurized force main that allows site development in areas that cannot be effectively serviced (or financially viable) by conventional gravity collection systems. This can be due to varying site conditions such as water table, variable terrain (up and down), flat terrain over long distance, and long distance between connections.

Low pressure collection first started in British Columbia in the Lower Mainland in the mid to late 70’s. Personnel at Engineered Pump were involved with that original system (which is still functional today without major renovations). In the early 80’s Engineered Pump was directly involved with the manufacturing and supply of the system, which included hundreds of small and large pump stations, effectively connecting the west coast of Vancouver Island from Ucluelet to Tofino, including the Pacific Rim National Park, to a collection treatment and disposal system instead of the onsite (poorly operating) septic disposal field method. Again, with only minor maintenance, that system is still in operation 30 years later. This is a testament to good design practice and the implementation of quality equipment. We continue to add to our installation list across British Columbia every year and just recently completed the third phase of a low pressure sanitary upgrade from vacuum in the Surrey Bridgeview area with more planned.