Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass tanks form an integral part of the sanitary lift station installation. Engineered Pump imports and stocks filament wound fiberglass tanks in a variety of sizes from as small as 0.6m (24”) diameter x 0.9m (36”) deep to as large as 1.8m (72”) diameter x 3.05m (120”) deep. We also have custom manufactured (to our rigid standards) tank diameters to 3.66m (144”) diameter with depths to 12 meters (40 ft). All of our tanks are designed to withstand full hydrostatic uplift with the water table assumed to the surface. Our packaged sewage basin lift stations come complete with everything needed for a quality installation.

Fiberglass Tanks
Fiberglass Tanks - Residential

Fiberglass Tanks - Residential

We stock and custom build to the individual residences needs, package fiberglass tanks. We include all of the necessary internal piping and controls. We can build in simplex (single pump) and Duplex (two pump) and specifically to the client’s requirements.

Fiberglass Tanks - Commercial

We stock and custom build to the engineers’ requirements, package fiberglass tanks for commercial installations. The Fiberglass Tank comes with all of the necessary internal piping and controls.

Fiberglass Tanks - Commercial
Fiberglass Tanks - Municipal

Fiberglass Tanks - Municipal

We are involved in the design and construction of filament wound fiberglass tanks specifically for municipal installations. Our packaged fiberglass tanks have been specifically designed to cater for applications with the need for a lightweight, corrosion resistant and cost-effective solution. Fiberglass tanks are ideal for applications with limited access and are fully engineered to handle ground pressures without external support. These fiberglass tanks are available with a wide range of submersible pumps including grinder and non-clog style pumps. The complete station includes piping, valves, and lift out fittings.

Fiberglass Tanks – Applications:

  • Raw sewage
  • Effluent
  • Stormwater
  • Subsoil drainage
  • Industrial waste
  • Residential wastewater
  • Subdivision sewage/waste collection and removal
  • Institutional wastewater
Fiberglass Tanks – Applications
Fiberglass Tank Benefits

Fiberglass Tank Benefits:

  • H2S and corrosion resistant durable fiberglass construction
  • Time-saving installation process
  • Eliminates differential settling concerns between wet well and valve vault
  • Factory assembled and tested

Accessories / Options

  • Simplex, duplex, triplex, and quadraplex configurations
  • Optional safety grate under the hatch cover
  • Optional bypass piping and valves for portable pump hook up
  • Prewired controls and integration
  • Optional drain back valve for the force main necessarily for freeze protection in seasonal use locations
  • Stainless steel discharge couplings (if requested)
  • Multiple pipe schedules and materials are available
Accessories / Options

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