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Sewage Pump Service

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience Engineered Pump Systems understands the importance of safely and efficiently performing sewage and stormwater pump startups, repairs, installations, and troubleshooting!

We service residential, commercial and civil/municipal projects throughout Western Canada.  With the most complete inventory of sewage and stormwater pump parts (Myers and Zoeller brands) in Western Canada we are able to quickly provide you with what is needed to get your sewage or stormwater pumps up and running.

Sewage Pump Specialized Equipment and Training

Our team of service technicians are specially trained with the appropriate equipment to ensure the highest standard of safety.  Sewage and stormwater pumps are installed in wet wells or sumps which are classified as a confined space.  Confined spaces pose a significant risk of injury and death.  Hazards in confined spaces may not be obvious, so a qualified person — someone who has proper training and experience — must look carefully at every confined space at a project site to identify possible hazards.  Our team takes regular training in confined space safety and have the proper equipment (monitors, tripods, vent fans, crane truck) to ensure each job is performed with safety as the priority!

Sewage and Stormwater Pump Startups

Sewage Pump Startups

Our service team can offer sewage and stormwater pump startups (commissioning) to give our customers peace of mind knowing that their pump system is properly running to the appropriate flow and pressure.  Our technicians are specially trained to run various tests to ensure the equipment that was selected for a project is running at its desired performance.  With over 40 years of expertise in sewage and stormwater pump design, selection and service we can quickly diagnose problems and have them resolved quickly!

Sewage Pump Repair

When your sewage or stormwater pump goes down it can be a very stressful time.  We understand the importance of getting your pump repaired safety and quickly.  Our team of expert technicians can help you with ensuring your sewage or stormwater pump is removed safety from the wet well, which is a hazardous confined space, and have the pump repaired from our extensive inventory of parts or quickly get custom ordered parts from our vendor partners.  Our team has extensive knowledge of sewage and stormwater pump systems which also includes the controls, piping and valving to help diagnose and solve your problems!

Sewage Pump Installation

Many of our customers choose our team of specialize technicians to perform the installation of their sewage and stormwater pump systems.  Our expert team have the safety and product knowledge to ensure the installation goes without issues.  We are often called in to fix issues with installations of other companies.  Get the installation correct the first time by contacting our service team!

Sewage Pump Troubleshooting

For over 40 years Engineered Pump Systems has been designing, building, supplying and servicing sewage and stormwater pump systems.  Our integrated knowledge allows us to troubleshoot pumps, controls, valving and piping layout.  We understand how these systems work best and what needs to be done to maximize performance!

Sewage Pump Preventative Maintenance

After your sewage and stormwater pump system is designed, selected, supplied, installed and started up, the best way to avoid future issues is to have our service team provide you with scheduled preventative maintenance.  Often sewage and stormwater pumps are forgotten until an item fails and the stress of potential flooding is realized.  Avoid the stress and potential costly cleanup by having our team regularly inspect, test and maintain your sewage and stormwater pump system!

Why Engineered Pump?

One company accountability with pump stations expertise to reduce project risk and give you peace of mind!


Our hours of service are 8:00AM to 4:30PM Monday to Friday

If you need to book time outside our normal hours call (604) 202 7133 during our normal hours and we will see what time is available. Time outside regular hours is subject to a Premium (Overtime).

If you are in danger of spilling or flooding, call a septic truck and have your tank cleaned.

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