• Flomatic Corporation – Flomatic specializes in check valves, foot valves, automatic hydraulic control valves and backflow preventers directed at the domestic, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets.
  • Homestead Valves – One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves, serving the water and wastewater market. Homestead lubricated plug valves, eccentric plug valves and actuator combinations are known throughout the world for unmatched dependability in some of the most demanding services.
  • E-Z Out Manufacturing – Lift out systems for residential and commercial submersible pumps. The original unit that many have tried but have been unable to copy properly. The product that sets the standard.
  • Thern Inc. – From lifting submersible pumps and mixers, to raising and lowering filter screens, Thern products, are made to meet the conditions of their particular environment with corrosion-resistant finishes, galvanizing or stainless steel construction. Thern offers both hand and power winches, available with capacities from 50 lbs to 50 tons.
  • Romort Water Tower – Since 1961 the Romort water tower has been serving the campground Industry. It is designed to prevent back-siphonage to your water supply thus stopping contamination and the spread of disease. The unique nozzle design keeps the camper’s hands out of the discharge flow. The nozzle is always held off the ground, and will easily reach a 29 foot radius when in use.