Hatch Covers

Hatch Covers

Engineered Pump is Western Canada’s largest distributor of hatch covers. We understand the importance of carrying an extensive stock of quality hatch covers for diverse applications – concrete wet wells, fiberglass pumps stations, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, valve chambers and more! Our team of experts will ensure the proper hatch cover is size and selected for your specific application and needs.

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Hatch Cover Applications

Engineered Pump is a leader in supplying hatch covers in various projects and applications throughout Western Canada. Our partnership allow us to design, build and supply hatch covers for the following applications:

  • Pump stations
  • Underground parking structure wet wells
  • Valve chambers
  • Water systems
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Airports
  • Storage tanks
  • Sea port facilities
  • Rapid transit systems
  • And more…

Hatch Cover Types

Angle Frame Hatch Covers

Angle frame hatch covers are the most economical solution for interior or exterior applications where water intrusion is not a concern.

Trough Drainable Frame Hatch Covers

The trough (channel frame) type hatch cover with a drainable frame is designed for interior and exterior application to reduce the amount of water, dirt and debris entering the area below.

Watertight Hatch Covers

The flood resistant, sealed, gasketed and flush mounted hatch cover is designed for applications where flooding may occur or in applications where odors and gases may need to be suppressed.

Angle Frame Retrofit Hatch Covers

The retrofit angle frame hatch cover is designed for interior and exterior applications where watertightness is not required. The frame is to be installed into an existing opening.

Basin Hatch Covers

These round basin hatch covers with an integrated access hatch are designed for interior and exterior applications where watertightness and non-watertightness are available. The cover is to be bolted onto a concrete or fiberglass basin (tank).

Hatch Cover Loading

Our technical sales team will assist you in the selecting the appropriate hatch cover for your application. We offer hatch cover solutions for diverse loading conditions including pedestrian, light to full traffic loads, aircraft loads and custom special equipment loads.

Hatch Cover Loading

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Hatch Cover Safety Grate

Hatch Cover Safety Grate

When in its closed position, the hatch cover safety grate provides fall-through protection while allowing limited accessibility into the vault for maintenance purposes and visibility for inspections (nominal 4” x 6” grate openings). When opened, it acts as an additional barrier to the access door opening. Since the hatch cover cannot be shut without first closing the safety grate, this fall-through system is always in its closed position when the next operator opens the hatch cover. The hatch cover safety grates operate independently of the covers reinforcing so that the cover continues to meet its specified load and deflection requirements, even if the grate is damaged or removed. The hatch cover safety grate is designed for 300 PSF loading.

Hatch Cover Safety Net

The hatch cover safety net is the most economical fall-through protection alternative. The hatch cover safety net is made of super strong polyester netting which attaches to aluminum angle anchors on the frame by corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware. The hatch cover safety net can be economically and easily retrofitted into existing openings.

Hatch Cover Safety Net

Hatch Cover Locking and Latching

The hatch cover locking and latching options include stainless steel slamlock, recessed cylinder lock, staple for padlock, standard oversized recessed padlock, stainless steel hasp & staple and recessed staple for padlock.

Hatch Cover Lift Assist

The hatch cover lift assist systems are computer designed to deliver the optimum lift assist for each door. Our standard stainless steel open spring design allows for quick continual inspection and easy maintenance. Our lift assist springs are available as open horizontal/vertical springs and enclosed (protected) horizontal/vertical springs. We also offer gas shocks as an option if required.

Hatch Cover Lift Assist
Hatch Cover Accessories

Hatch Cover Miscellaneous Accessories

Our miscellaneous accessories include safety chains, nut rail (for hanging hardware), insulation (cold weather), bituminous paint (for protection in concrete applications), slip resistant surface, frame skirts and custom lettering.

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