Pump Station Odor Control Systems

Pump Station Odor Control Systems

As a manufacturer of wastewater pump stations and through our commitment to servicing the equipment that we sell, Engineered Pump has recognized that odor control can form a large part of the continued success of a pump station. A station that emits an odor can lead to many complaints from the local residents. With our background in the complete design of pump stations including both mechanical and gravity ventilation, and how to properly operate and service a pump station, we recognize, offer and specify various odor control systems to meet the needs of the client.

Residential, Light Commercial Odor Control Systems

Wager’s 1200 Odor Control Roof Vent is designed for rooftop ventilation as a means to equalize the pressure required to keep steady flows of wastewater in toilets and sinks. Odor may become a problem when the resulting H2S gas from a sanitary system flows to ground levels by means of wind currents or temperature inversions.

1200 Odor Control Roof Vent

Natural (Gravity) Ventilation Odor Control Systems

The 1800 Odor Control Vent Valve connects to a candy cane style pipe and is designed to scrub H2S odors with low concentrations of 5-15 CFM and with low air flow **The 1800 is cast in 356-T6 aluminum with an epoxy powder coated finish. It is available in both standard 4” or 6” (100mm or 150mm) flanged end connection. A vertically mounted 1800, with rains shield is also available to protect the media from water damage in any rain event.

** these are not meant for installations with fan assemblies. They are meant for gravity venting.

Positive Ventilation, Larger Odor Control Systems

Wager has scalable odor control systems for positive ventilation (fan) and larger gravity systems

2050 Standard Odor Control Systems

2050 Standard Odor Control Systems

2050-50 odor control sewer valve is an elongated vertical design to accommodate a deodorizing feature that helps to suppress sewer gas odors. Perfect for residential or commercial locations where complaints regarding odor have become an issue. The unit is meant for both positive (max 300 cfm) and gravity flow.

The 2050 is constructed from aluminum and is epoxy coated grass green so that it fits nicely into the surrounding environment. It has two large down spouts with welded screens to allow for maximum airflow of exiting deodorized air. H2S gas is directed through a canister containing 50 lbs. (23kg) of odor controlling media. The media is an engineered product, designed to chemically absorb the H2S gas and change it to a non-toxic compound. A mist eliminator is incorporated into the unit to prevent moisture from damaging the media bed.

2050 Expanded Series Odor Control Systems

The 2050 expanded series of odor control is available in a range of sizes up to 1400 lbs. of filter media and 2400 CFM air flow. These are meant for larger Natural (gravity) and Positive (Fan) applications. The complete line is available. Please call with your requirements and we will be able to specify a solution for your application

2050 Expanded Series Odor Control Systems

3000 Manhole Scrubber Odor Control System

The Wager 3000 Manhole Scrubber effectively removes offensive odors emanating from street-level sewer manholes.

The collar of the scrubber rests just below the manhole cover. Odors enter thru the bottom of the unit, and flow upwards thru an odor canister filled with 50 LBS of media designed to remove a variety of odor causing gases such as H2S, Mercaptans, and VOC’S by means of chemical absorption. The chemical absorptive process actually changes the molecules in the odorous gases into non- organic salts. This media is in pellet form and allows for better airflow thru the media bed. It is UL rated, non- toxic, and landfill disposable.

The Wager 3000 is constructed out of stainless steel for durability. Inside the housing includes one odor canisters, containing 1 cubic foot of dry-scrubbing media. Easy access into the Manhole Scrubber allows for quick and easy canister replacement.

Odor Reduction Media Odor Control Systems

The Odor unit that we supply contain a highly effective mixed media for removing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) such as in wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, wet wells, lift stations and sludge holding tanks. The media combines a blend of activated carbon and proprietary chemicals that allows for an extraordinary high H2S absorption capacity. The gases are trapped within the pellets and removed by a means of adsorption. A chemical reaction changes the gases into a harmless compound, eliminating the possibility of desorption.

Each media canister is topped with a permanganate mix designed to further polish the gases that are being treated. Replacement media is readily available.

Media Brochure

Odor Reduction Media Odor Control Systems

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